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Our mission is to provide clients with solid and intuitive software, which is as enjoyable for them to use as it is for us to develop, as well as a wide range of professional IT services. We use the latest technologies to assure the best result.

Who We Are

DBTek staff has accumulated over 15 years of experience in the provision of software development services. We are one of only a few IT companies in Hong Kong that combines technological skills in Microsoft .NET with knowledge of business processes arising from the implementation of the DevOps. As a result, our clients benefit not only from technological support, but also added value in the form of business process optimization at their companies.

DBTek has expertise in different types of software development methodologies. We have successfully implemented SCRUM, XP, TDD and other Agile Methodologies in our projects. During the negotiation phase, we recommend the best approach for project execution and approve it with a customer.
Project management methodology is adjusted according to the specific of every project. Regardless for the selected methodology we always care about close co-operation with the customer throughout the project life cycle, availability and transparency of project information, control from QA managers.