We endeavor to build a close working relationship with our clients to a point where we are often seen as your very own IT department

DBTek are dedicated to supporting small and medium sized businesses with IT Support and Consultancy Services.

All of our IT Consultancy Services are completely bespoke, fully tailored to fit your precise needs from just a few hours of IT consultancy, through to managing distinct projects. If you need a safe pair of hands to manage and deliver your IT for you, we can help.

A secure and reliable IT infrastructure is at the heart of any successful business, but it is often overlooked. Inefficiencies, faults, and problems will creep in over time, even if your network was designed and installed by experts. DBTek can send a trained consultant to your office to interrogate your network, you will then receive a network diagnosis report on our findings which may include recommendations for improvement as well as advice on the associated costs.

We have the capacity, knowledge and experience to install and configure your IT and communication systems for you. From new installations, to upgrades, expansions of small networks, and complex installations across multiple sites.

By harnessing our expertise you can focus on dealing with your business, with the peace of mind that comes from a secure and robust IT infrastructure.

Consultancy services we deliver:

Consultancy services we deliver:

Many IT problems can go unnoticed for months or even years before finally causing a major issue resulting in costly downtime for your business. DBTek can monitor the health of your core servers and systems with any issues being reported to our help desk.

These issues can include a failed backup, low disk space, virus outbreaks or potential hardware failures, any of which could bring your business to a grinding halt. Peace of mind and greatly reduced downtime are a few of the many benefits to being monitored round the clock.

Here at DBTek we’re always focused on providing clients with exactly the right level of support to meet their requirements, whether you need IT Consultancy Services or something more in-depth, we can help. Contact us today.

Being vendor independent allows DBTek to provide you with a totally unbiased opinion as to the best hardware and software solution for the project you are about to undertake. We will procure all the IT hardware you require on behalf of you or your client, configuring them to your precise needs.

Here at DBTek we’re always focused on providing clients with exactly the right level of support to meet their requirements, whether you need IT Consultancy Services or something more in-depth, we can help.

Whether your requirement is for a new installation, upgrade or expansion of a small network or a complex installation across multiple sites. Our first class IT Consultancy Services will ensure that we develop and implement only the most effective Infrastructure Installations. Our Infrastructure Installation Services include:

The importance of a robust and secure IT infrastructure is quite often overlooked until the day it becomes unavailable, resulting in major disruption and productivity loss to your business; or even worse data loss with potentially devastating consequences.

In providing IT Consultancy Services, we’ve encountered all kinds of problems lurking in business IT networks; so no matter the size of your organization, we’re well equipped to guide you in the development of your infrastructure.

Even if your network was designed and installed by experts, you will have almost certainly added or swapped machines, upgraded hardware, installed software, had virus attacks, added new users or deleted accounts for users who have left. Unless your network and user structure has remained totally unchanged since it was first installed, it is likely that problems, quirks and inefficiencies will have crept in over time.

DBTek can arrange for a trained consultant to visit your office to study your whole network for efficiency and security arrangements. We will then send you a network diagnosis report on our findings which will include, if applicable, recommendations for any areas which are of immediate concern or which could be improved.

If your network does need attention, DBTek will advise you on the cost implications. Any recommendations in our report will be clear and unambiguous.

All you really need is for someone to be there when you have a problem.

Having spent a great deal of time providing IT Consultancy Services to organizations of all sizes, we understand the need for both on-site and Remote IT Support.

Whether you need someone part-time to perform maintenance, or out of hours support we can put together an IT Support package to suit your unique requirements.

Our dedicated Project Managers dovetail seamlessly into your project team ensuring all aspects of the event are totally understood and that the IT solution we propose is the right solution for you.

Contact us to ask for anything you need.