DBTek's DevOps service provides flawless integration and lifecycle management for your business

Expanding older terms like Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Development & Operations (DevOps) is the process of managing the life of an application, from ideation, requirements, support and retirement through engineering and testing. In other words, DevOpsis about the use of a single repository for management application lifecycle artifacts, such as a requirement (or user story), a change request, task, test case, bug, issue, risk, change set and source code artifacts.

The three aspects of DevOps– governance, development, and operations – are tightly interconnected.

  • Governance encompasses all of the decision making and project management for an application.
  • Development is the process of actually creating the application, which occurs between the idea creation and its deployment. For most applications, the development process reappears again several more times in the application’s lifetime, both for upgrades and for new versions.
  • Operations include the work required to run and manage an application. This stage typically begins before deployment and runs continuously until the application is removed from service.


Organizations that aspire to maximize the business value of their custom software complete all three stages as a strict requirement.

As a DevOps expert, DBTek provides both consulting and implementation in three parts:

  • Enterprise Project and Portfolio Management
  • SDLC
  • DevOps

Solution Benefits

Microsoft’s DevOps platform`s main differentiator is flawless integration. Products integrate well within SDLC aspects, as well as project and portfolio management and operations. The cornerstone of the Microsoft DevOps solution is Azure DevOps (either on-prem or on cloud). The deployment options that DBTek and Microsoft offer include:

  • Azure DevOps Server (on premise, integrated and customizable)
  • Azure DevOps Services (on the cloud, quick start for small teams, limited customization)
  • Azure DevOps Server in Azure (elastic and customizable).

To ensure a productive and transparent process for all stakeholders, DBTek delivers Business Intelligence through dashboards, notifications and alerts available from virtually any platform.

To ensure the best processes integration and lifecycle management for your business, DBTek`s DevOps Consulting service covers:

  • Analysis and assessment
  • Solution definition and implementation
  • DevOps roadmap creation
  • DevOps Training
  • Post consulting